Growth Mindset

Training Program

Looking to develop a mindset that is passionate about learning and self-improvement? Invigorate’s Growth Mindset Training Program aims to shift your perspective on achieving success – that you can go further through dedication and hard work, and that you are not limited by intelligence and talent. 


To have a Growth Mindset requires unlearning common thinking habits and learning how to reinforce this positive belief in our busy day-to-day life. Led by Invigorate’s Hero trainers, learn how to apply the mindset through tried-and-tested methodologies, tools, engaging group activities, live sharing sessions and assessments.

Growth Mindset


  • UNDERSTAND the difference between Fixed vs Growth Mindset

  • EXPLORE how to apply Growth Mindset in daily life

  • APPRECIATE how Growth Mindset can contribute to personal development


  • A Positive Start - Setting the Stage to highlight Achievements and Success

  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

  • What is Growth Mindset and How do we relearn and use more of this Mindset

  • Debunking the importance of Intelligence in personal development

  • Key steps and Daily Habits to strengthen Growth Mindset 

  • Understanding and Leveraging on the power of Teamwork to create a strong foundation for Resilience