A real-life hero who lives with a rare disorder and has undergone a major adversity in life, Alex is the most credible personality to talk about the concept of resilience. He shares his story to inspire and drive others who have gone tough ordeals to become better and stronger

Alex Tan,

brain tumour and blindness survivor, rare disorder patient (Hypopituitarism)

A veteran in humanitarian scene for over 20 years especially in efforts supporting marginalised communities and children's rights, the active lifestyle that Jenithaa once lead disappeared in an unfortunate turn of events that left her physically unable to move and consequently unemployed. 


However with courage, resilience and support, Jenithaa overcame the seemingly life-stopping adversity and now shares her inspiration story as a speaker, forum panelist, trainer and advocate for the differently-abled.

Jenithaa Santhira,

stroke survivor and humanitarian

Joyce Moi is a mother, primary caregiver and mom-ager to an intellectually delayed but extraordinarily talented fine artist named Janet Lee. Joyce left her role as a leader  in a multinational corporation, upon Janet's diagnostic,  to develop a sound business future for Janet and her artworks.


Today, she shares her daughter's inspirational story and messages that will not only empower caregivers of differently-abled children, but also advice on how to strive for success as a leader and working mother as well as resilience in entrepreneurship. 

Joyce Moi,

caregiver of intellectually-delayed daughter and entrepreneur