Training Program

When faced with challenges that are life-affecting, how you react will determine how well you handle the situation.  Through this program, you will explore the different psychological reactions that we go through when faced with difficulty and the healthy ways to cope and adapt to change through the concept of Resilience.

At the core of this program, you will learn how to continuously inspire yourself to give your best despite facing personal adversities or demanding work conditions. The Resilience training program will remind you of the important reasons that bring you to work every day and the bigger purpose that drives your passion, all the while strengthening and maturing your mindset to handle daily challenges.



  • UNDERSTAND the concept of resilience and how to apply it in personal and work life.

  • EXPLORE the healthy ways of coping with difficulties.

  • EMPOWER participants to recognize and leverage on their inner strengths when handling adversities.


  • What is resilience and how do we cultivate it

  • Recognising and leveraging Our strengths

  • Resilience assessment

  • Real-life sharing session by Hero

  • Hacks to build resilience